Our History

·In July 2002, Hua & Hua was founded at Jianhe Centre Building in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, with a total of 5 people in the startup phase.

·On Christmas Eve 2003, Hua & Hua moved to West Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

·In August 2006, Hua & Hua invested and established Dook Media Group Limited. Applying the Hua & Hua method to the book publishing industry. Dook Media went public in 2021, stock code: 301025.

·In July 2007, Hua & Hua moved into Shanghai Greenland and Hechuang Building.

·Since May 2008, Hua & Hua has started advertising in the three major Chinese airline magazines, Air China's "Wings of China", "China Eastern Airlines" and "China Southern Airlines", they are all ongoing ever since. Subsequently, Hua & Hua advertised at Beijing Capital ·International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Shenzhen Airport.

··In 2009, four of the Top 10 TV advertisements in China were created by Hua & Hua: Golden Partner (黄金搭档), Huang Jin Jiu(黄金酒), Tian Qi (田七) and San Jing Blue Bottle (三精蓝瓶).

·In 2010, Mr Xiao Zheng was appointed as General Manager and became a partner of Hua & Hua.

·In November 2013, "Super Sign Is Super Creativity" (超级符号就是超级创意) was published. It was on the Hot New List of Dangdang, Jingdong and Amazon right after the launch. The book was also recommended by the People's Daily as one of the "Introductory Books in 30 Industries".

·In 2014, Hua & Hua engaged Open Quest from Taiwan, China. A "fission" conference was held and launched the Hua & Hua partner ·system, using Guidance Facilitation method.

·In 2014, Mr He Ji was promoted to Partner.

·In 2014, Hua & Hua held the 1st Million Yuan Creative Competition and gave out 1 million Yuan cash award to the wining project team. 

·In 2015, Hua & Hua engaged Shanghe Management Consulting to formally implement the Toyota Production System (TPS).

·In 2015, Hua Shan Expounds "Sun Tzu's Art of War" (华杉讲透孙子兵法) was published, launching the Hua & Hua Book Series publishing plan.

·In 2015, Hua & Hua put forward the three "overwhelming investments": 1. Overwhelmingly invest in employees with incentives and distribution, and reserve 1.11 Yuan million each year for Hua & Hua Million Yuan Creativity Award(Increased to 1.5 million in 2019 and 1.75 million in 2022). 2. Overwhelmingly invest in employee training. Hua & Hua invested nearly 6 million Yuan in staff training from 2015 to 2016. 3. Overwhelmingly invested in advertisement, including advertising in inflight magazines, highway billboard towards Beijing airport and Shenzhen airport, as well as lightbox advertisement in Shanghai Hongqiao airport.

·In January 2016, Hua & Hua Business College was officially established, with Mr Sam Hua as Principal.

·In 2016, Ms Chen Jun was promoted to partner.

·In April 2016, Hua & Hua relocated to Shanghai Kailun Jiangnanchang Creative Park.

·In 2017, Ms Song Yahui was promoted to Partner.

·In 2018, the "Hua & Hua Book Series" had a dedicated counter, located in, all 7 major bookstores in Shanghai Pudong Airport terminal.

·In February 2018, Hua & Hua moved to the 27th floor, Tower A of Shanghai Global Port.

·In April 2019, the Super Sign branding class of Hua & Hua was officially opened to the public.

·In 2019, Mr Xu Yongzhi was promoted to partner.

·In December 2019, the 6th Hua & Hua Million Yuan Creativity Competition was opened to public audience for the first time.

·In January 2020, Open Quest helped Hua & Hua carried out the "Fission 2.0" Seminar which to unite common vision, deepen the long-term fission mechanism, improve the staff development policy and start a new decade for Hua & Hua.

·In June 2020, Hua & Hua engaged Hay Group for HR consulting services, tailoring the career advancement system, remuneration system and performance system for employees of Hua & Hua.

·In July 2020, the "Hua & Hua Method and Case History" live class was launched.

·In November 2020, Hua & Hua and Communication University of Zhejiang jointly established the "Super Sign Institute" and worked on the textbook "Super Sign Theories and Practices". The textbook was published in August 2022.

·In March 2021, the Hua & Hua - Weaver Knowledge Management System project was officially launched to build a Knowledge Management System for Hua & Hua that could be easily shared and accessed by all employees.

·In July 2021, Hua & Hua held the "Five-Year Branding Plan" seminar and Hua & Hua's business strategy was discussed, which defined Hua & Hua's 3rd-decade business strategy.

·In 2022, Mr Yang Peng Hong was promoted to Partner.

·In January 2022, Hua & Hua Consulting (Singapore) Pte Ltd was officially opened for business, providing global strategic, marketing and branding consultancy services with Singapore as our overseas headquarters.

·In July 2022, Hua & Hua moved from the 27th floor to the 31st and 32nd floors of the Global Habour and held an opening ceremony to launch the 1 billion Yuan production capacity consulting plant, announcing Hua & Hua's official march towards 1 billion production capacity.

·In July 2022, we held the 1st Hua & Hua 5 million Yuan 5-Year Brand Management Competition, and Hua & Hua awarded 8.5 million Yuan cash prize to the project team that had been working on the same case consistently for more than 5 years.

·In July 2022, Hainan Hua & Hua Industrial Private Equity Fund Management Pte Ltd was officially opened for business.

In August 2022, the "Super Sign Art Studio" was established. The objective is to apply the Super Sign theories to art creation, especially sculpture and installation art.

·In September 2023, the successful celebration of the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between Xi Bei and Hua & Hua!

·In September 2023, meticulously crafted by the Hua & Hua Super Sign Art Studio under the guidance of Sam Hua's younger brother, the first piece of artwork was publicly released—a set of Hetian jade oat noodles: a total of 68 rolls, carved over 88 days, using a total of 54.80 catties of Hetian jade, presented as a gift to Xi Bei during the 10th-anniversary celebration of Xi Bei and Hua & Hua.

·In September 2023, Chairman Sam Hua officially announced at the 10th-anniversary celebration of the collaboration between Xi Bei and Hua & Hua the conclusion that "the order-based consulting model is not feasible, and Hua & Hua has established a subscription-based consulting service model."

·In November 2023, Hua & Hua's Houttuynia Cordata Blue and White Porcelain went online for sale on the "Hua & Hua Business School" Douyin platform and the "Hua & Hua Business School VIP" WeChat platform.

·In December 2023, the Hua & Hua Million Yuan Creativity Competition successfully concluded. The YAYA Down Jacket project team won first place, the Xiduoduo project team won second place, and the Fish with You project team won third place.

·In December 2023, Chairman Sam Hua officially released the two major theoretical models of Hua & Hua at the Hua & Hua Million Yuan Creativity Competition: the Super Sign Philosophy Model and the Hua & Hua Communication Model. These two theories are world-class theoretical contributions by Hua & Hua.

·In January 2024, Dai Caixia was promoted to Vice General Manager of Hua & Hua, and Huang Huiting was promoted to Partner of Hua & Hua.

·In April 30, 2024, Euromonitor International authoritatively declared Shanghai Hua & Hua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. as "China's No.1 Brand Marketing Consulting Company" (measured in terms of the number of brands served in 2023 with comprehensive service).




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