Hua Shan

Board chairman and founding partner of Shanghai H&H Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.
Well-known expert in creative strategic marketing
Chief brand adviser of National Real Estate Manager Alliance

Hua Shan is a well-known expert in creative strategic marketing. He has been dedicated to marketing strategies and creative marketing services for nearly 20 years. He established the first systematic marketing methodology – “H&H Methodology” – in the domestic marketing circle.
Hua Shan has been eager to learn since his childhood. He majored in automobile engine in Jilin University of Technology. After his graduation in 1992, he gave up the job assigned by the government and started his entrepreneurship road in the Pearl River Delta. Over the years, he has formed a sharp judgment of China’s economic development trend.
In 1996, Hua Shan entered the planning circle with an article analyzing the general trend of investments in China, which boldly forecasts China’s economic development trends such as enterprise M&A, agriculture industrialization and corporate chain operation.
In 1998, inspired by Ogilvy, Hopkins and other ad persons on the covers of Time, Hua Shan wrote “Our Strategies and Tactics”. In this article, he proposed to “create a new category and win the right to interpret”, which laid the foundation of his everlasting strategy model and business philosophy in the advertising circle.
Thanks to this strategy model and business philosophy, H&H established by Hua Shan has become a unique marketing strategy and creation consulting company in China.
In 2002, Hua Shan and his younger brother Hua Nan parted with their respective partners and jointly established H&H Advertising Company in Guangzhou. Centering on the methodology that “everything is ultimately one thing”, H&H Advertising Company provided clients with unique strategy consulting and creative ideas integrating enterprise strategy, product strategy and brand strategy.
In 2012, H&H Advertising Company moved to China’s economic center Shanghai and changed its name into Shanghai H&H Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.
Over the 14 years its establishment, H&H has served a large number of well-known Chinese and foreign brands such as Sunflower Pharmaceutical, Sanjing Pharmaceutical, Panax Notoginseng Toothpaste, Chenguang Stationery, Qihoo360, China Fortune Land Development, Chubang Soy Sauce and Xibei Oat Nuddles. With H&H’s creative marketing strategies, such companies have successively created marketing miracles.
In 2013, Hua Shan and Hua Nan published “Super symbol sells itself ” expounding the “H&H Methodology”. In the first month after its publication, this book become one of the best-selling finance and economics books on dangdang.com and amazon.com.
After two years of study, Hua Shan obtained his Executive Master of Business Administration from China Europe International Business School in 2014.


Hua Nan

Founding partner of Shanghai H&H Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.
Board Chairman of Shanghai Dookbook Co., Ltd.
Co-producer of several movies such as So Young and Old Boy: the Way of the Dragon

Well-known book publisher and well-known marketing creator in China.
Hua Nan graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in 1997 and entered the advertising circle in 1998. He soon stood out conspicuously for his creative ideas, and then he established a TV advertisement company with others.
In 2002, Hua Nan left the TV advertisement company and established H&H Advertising Company in Guangzhou with his elder brother Hua Shan. H&H moved to Shanghai in 2003.
In H&H, Hua Nan is in charge of advertising creation. Under his leadership, a large number of advertising messages, such as “Yell ‘Tianqi’ when you are photographed” and “The Golden Wine is the best gift to the elders”, have become known to everybody.
In 2006, H&H incorporated Dookbook. Hua Nan is in charge of the operation of Dookbook. He proposed to “sell books like selling toothpastes” and comprehensively introduced the “H&H Methodology” into the publication industry.
With H&H Methodology, Hua Nan packaged the novel “The Last Fane” published on tianya.com and renamed it “The Tibet Code”. Hua Nan promoted this book as “an encyclopedia novel about Tibet” and achieved the sales volume of 3 million copies. For the successful marketing of “The Tibet Code”, Dookbook won the Gold Award of 2008-2009 China Marketing Awards.
After “The Tibet Code”, Dookbook successively planned and distributed many well-sellers such as “Past Events in Northeastern China: Two Decades of the Criminal Syndicate”, “Our Life in Taiwan”, “Blooding Official Career”, “Officialdom Notes” and “Slimming Belts Help You Become Slimmer”. Dookbook’s sales volume per book is 39 times the average level in the industry.
Dookbook has ranked the first in Forbes Ranking of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Cultural Industry for five consecutive years from 2009 to 2013.
In 2013 and 2014, Hua Nan invested in two films: So Young with the book-office value of RMB 726 million yuan, and Old Boy: the Way of the Dragon with the book-office value of RMB 208 million yuan. This marked Dookbook’s tremendous success in the film industry.

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